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Insurance Claims

Let’s face it: Colorado is not an easy place to live when it comes to the weather. From our out-of-nowhere hailstorms to our hurricane-like gusts of wind to our winter blizzards, you just never know what you might expect in any given season here in the Centennial State.


You, your home, or your business have to be prepared for anything and everything. And your roof is often the place that takes the most amount of damage during our state’s extreme weather. Roof repair or replacement is always a downright nightmare for many—but after a traumatic storm, the damage done to your property and the insurance claims process can be a whole other nightmare in and of itself.


Insurance companies and adjusters are looking to make sure they find the cheapest solution possible, which isn’t always the best solution for a long-lasting, sturdy roof. There are also roof repair companies who run scams and love to take advantage of the situation, pocketing your hard-earned money for botched roofing jobs—or sometimes not even repairing your roof at all.



The best thing to do when thinking about your roof is to make sure you get it inspected before anything happens and to make sure you know what kind of coverage you have if disaster strikes. For example, if your roof is almost 20 years old, your insurance company might not be willing to repair it. Know your coverage, and know your roof. That way when the worst happens, you’re prepared and know what to expect.



Once something does happen, though, that’s when a good roofing company cane be the difference between a botched repair job or a shiny new roof. Abellos Roofing has been repairing roofs after storms and dealing with insurance companies for over 50 years of combined experience. We are ethical, professional, and well known in the community—and we have references and testimonies to back up our reputation.



No matter the damage, Abellos Roofing is committed to making sure you have a high-quality roof installed that isn’t cheap or poorly made. We know exactly how to help you navigate the insurance process as you repair your roof. We will make sure that important elements of your roof don’t get left out as insurance companies try to make repairs as cheap as possible.



Insurance companies don’t own us; we’re here to serve you and your roof. We will fight for you and help you have an informed voice in the matter as you figure out what’s best for your home or property.



When the storm hits, don’t get bogged down by more nightmares than necessary. Let Abellos Roofing ensure you get a safe and secure roof back over your head.